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HEADLINES & SIDELINES: Don’t be a stick in the woods

Just a couple of quick thoughts about Abercrombie Golf Club, which hosts the provincial Men’s Four-Ball championships this weekend:

• Abercrombie gets a lot of respect from the Nova Scotia Golf Association and has hosted many prestigious provincial (and national) tournaments over the years. That said, the second hole at Abercrombie is brutal – it’s extremely hard, and believed to be one of the most difficult in the province. Some golfers hate it.

• If the winds are blowing the right way, the golfers won’t even notice that funny, pulp mill smell coming from over yonder. But don’t let it bother you – the doctor says there’s nothing to worry about.

• The woods are thick at Abercrombie Golf Club – there are too many trees up there and they should chop most of them down, haul out the stumps and make the fairways wider.

What the course maintenance guys need is some chainsaws and a skidder to haul out the timber, like what I used back in my days as a logger. (It was a very brief career – some people really aren’t meant to work in the woods. This one time, I was trying to carry a six-foot log to the pile and it was winter and the snow was deep. I tripped over something and said ‘I quit’ and shockingly, the boss didn’t try to talk me out of it – he likely saw it as a good career move.)

* * *

Non-Sports Thought of the Week:

• Ontario voters have spoken and here is what they seem to be telling the rest of the country: we believe what we want to hear, and we believe it when Doug Ford tells us he’s a man of the people. It worked for Donald Trump, it worked for Ford.

Ford is the new premier of Ontario and with a majority government, no less. During the election campaign, Ford said he would cut taxes, bring down the price of gas and electricity, reduce the price of beer and somehow eliminate the deficit. He also vowed to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure.

It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

* * *

There would have been nothing wrong with the Vegas Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup – a bunch of castoffs coming together to do the near-impossible – but after watching Alex Ovechkin lift the Cup on Thursday and finally throwing that monkey off his back, it couldn’t have been more right. A team that many thought was on the verge of starting to go downhill instead managed to navigate the tough road that is the Stanley Cup playoffs, to finally win that elusive title.

And, good for the fans of the Washington Capitals who stood by their team for more than 40 years – they deserve it.

• The Golden State Warriors had a chance to win the NBA championship on Friday, if they were to finish off the Cleveland Cavaliers. It would be Golden State’s third title in four seasons – officially making them a dynasty – and they might not be slowing down anytime soon. It’s not an easy thing to do (nothing good is easy) but they could win two or three more championships before this group begins to show its age.

Kevin Adshade is sports writer with The News. His column appears each Saturday.

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