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MEGAthon Day coming to Pictou County Y

Jim Pomeroy rides the stationary bike at the YMCA of Pictou County.
Jim Pomeroy rides the stationary bike at the YMCA of Pictou County. - Kevin Adshade

WESTVILLE – “I think I’ll re-set my goal for two thousand dollars,” Jim Pomeroy said, as he rode a stationary bike Tuesday, near the information desk at the YMCA of Pictou County.

The CEO of the YMCA, Pomeroy was expected to pedal the bike for eight hours throughout the day, starting at 9 a.m., stopping only to have a sub for lunch. With a plastic bucket on a table right next to him, passersby could make a monetary donation, or sign a pledge sheet.

“My main goal was a thousand bucks, but I’m over it right now,” he said. “I’m at $1,150 and I’ve got five more hours to go. I’m going to be here until five-thirty.”

Pomeroy was also riding the bike to promote the MEGAthon, which will take place this coming Saturday at the YMCA’s location at the Pictou County Wellness Centre. Three hours in, he had already pedalled the equivalent of 63 kilometres, according to the bike-mounted counter.

For $25, which includes a T-shirt and a snack, anyone can sign up to get active in one-hour blocks, whether it be in the YMCA swimming pool, the Cycle Fit, yoga, walking, in the gymnasium, or other activities they might like to try. Child care is included on MEGAthon day.

Pomeroy said the hope is to get 200 people signed up for the one-day event. By noon on Tuesday, they were starting to get close to realizing that goal. “I think we are close to 150 right now,” he said.

YMCA spokesperson Heidi Sinclair said participants will also be encouraged to collect pledges, if they so choose.

“There are eight hours, but you need to set your own challenge. Everybody is different. You can do one hour, two hours or all eight hours,” she said.

All money raised will help offset some of the free programming offered at the YMCA, such as youth leadership and day camp, after school and membership assistance.

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