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A Calgary man has a shot at being honoured as a world class bartender.


CALGARY _ A Calgary man has a shot at being honoured as a world-class bartender.

Jeff Schaus has already been crowned Canada's most talented mixologist after competing in a national Finlandia Vodka competition.

Now he is off to Finland to represent Canada in the international finals.

Schaus outpoured 15 Calgary bartenders to move onto the Canadian finals, where he soundly defeated three other finalists.

During the competition bartenders created three drinks _ two invented beforehand and a third created from a selection of mystery ingredients _ in seven minutes.

Among his winning creations is Mango Zen, a blend of mango puree, iced green tea and mango vodka, with a vanilla bean sugared rim and topped with white slush.

Schaus is to compete against bartenders from 30 countries on Feb. 3.

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