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Chapman brothers like flying high


Brent and Noel Chapman pose with their motocross bikes at home. Brent (7) and Nole (10) got their first bikes when they were three and five-years-old.

Starting when they were just three and five-years-old, Nole and Brent Chapman first got their motocross bikes and their love for the sport grew from there.

It began when they saw some of their friends riding bikes. Nole says he thought it looked fun and it was something different so they thought they’d give it a try. They rode their bikes around their yard at home when they first started, eventually getting into racing two years ago.

“It just looked really fun and I wanted to try it,” said Nole. “It’s different than on a pedal bike, balance wise because the bike is heavier.”

Both boys attended schools, similar to training camps in other sports to help them improve as they moved into the CMRC Atlantic racing circuit as well as practices once or twice a week at a track outside Scotsburn. Nole currently races in the 65cc class for kids ages 7-11, while Brent races in the 50cc class for kids 7-8.

Being involved in riding their bikes competitively did not take away from the fun for either brother. Both enjoy being at the competitions more now than when they used to ride in the yard.

“I like being able to watch my friends that race,” said Brent. “We’ve made a lot of friends and we like riding with each other.”

Their father Blake says that every weekend they are on the road for racing that the boys are constantly on the go with their friends just playing games with each other or riding their BMX bikes around.

“When they pull into a track there’s kids waiting for them to get out of the truck and just play,” he said. “When they’re not on the track physically racing they’re always on the go. The biggest thing we also noticed was they’re competing on the track, but they’re best friends off it and will help each other out when they need it.”

When it came to what they enjoy most about the sport on track, Nole said jumps and Brent said going fast.

“When I’m in the air off a jump I’m thinking ‘am I going to make it, am I not going to make it’,” said Nole. “I’m also thinking about the landing and if it’s going to be smooth. It’s just really exciting.”

Last season Nole finished third in the CMRC Atlantic fall series and first in the Lochlomond Motorcross Series. Brent would capture first in both the CMRC Atlantic spring and fall series. This season by moving into another class Nole is learning a lot and will have to work harder to finish where he did last season.

“When we go to schools they’ve been helping us learn more about using the clutch, but my dad has also helped me when we go out practicing,” said Nole.

The biggest thing both the boys and their parents, Blake and Rochelle, have noticed is how physically demanding the sport is. Rochelle says their upper-bodies have developed a lot because of the strength needed to ride the bike.

“You have a heavy bike and you’re trying to keep it up the whole way around the track,” said Brent. “You’re standing the whole time and you have to fight the ruts.”

Their motocross season started in May and will run until September when both boys will participate in hockey for the winter.

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