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Johnny Miles offered perfect day for runners

Dave MacLennan of Scotsburn won his 12th Johnny Miles Marathon on Sunday.
Dave MacLennan of Scotsburn won his 12th Johnny Miles Marathon on Sunday. - Contributed

It was a great day for a run.

With very little wind and a temperature around 16C there were no complaints to Mother Nature for the the Johnny Miles Running Event which race director Terry Curley says was a resounding success.

There were about 1,600 people registered for Sunday’s run and an additional 650 who took part in kids events and the Johnny Walk over the weekend bringing the total participation to around 2,200.

Curley said the registration was split almost 50/50 with people from inside and outside Pictou county.

He said it’s great to see that level of participation locally because it shows that people are focusing on getting active, but on the other hand it’s nice to be able to bring other people into Pictou County and offer them a chance to visit the area.

The Johnny Miles is a Boston Marathon qualifier so it appeals to seasoned veterans in the running world like Dave MacLennan of Scotsburn who won it for the 12th time. But it also appeals to people who are first-time runners.

For Curley and others Johnny Miles is about more than just a one-time race but rather building a healthier community, inspiring and building on something positive.

“We’re so much more than a race,” he said. “That’s why we continue to do what we do.”

Here’s a look at the top finishers in each race of the Johnny Miles Running Event.


1 Dave MacLennan, Scotsburn, 2:47:36

2 Matthew White, Dartmouth, 2:58:09

3 Ian Blockland, Camrose,AB 2:58:45

4 Walter Linthorne, Stellarton, 2:59:18

5 Scott Clark, Summerside, PEI 3:00:10

6 Ethan Michaels, Halifax, 3:05:55

7 David Gallant, Charlottetown, P.E.I., 3:09:45

8 David Hood, Stellarton, 3:10:25

9 John Janmaat, Kelowna, B.C., 3:13:47

10 John Frizzell, Truro, 3:18:09

Half Marathon

1 Corey Deveaux, Sydney River, 1:17:09

2 Jeff Ratushny, Conquerall Mills, 1:21:42

3 Matthew Callahan, Timberlea, 1:23:06

4 Heather O’Donnell, Meadowvale, 1:24:14

5 Scott Langille, New Glasgow, 1:27:27

10 K

1 Kyle Smith, Halifax, 34:33

2 Paul MacLean, Antigonish, 35:12

3 Bryan Hipson, Yarmouth, 37:03

4 Ian MacDonald, Trenton, 38:33

5 Richard Wile, Bedford, 39:24


1 Raymond Simpson, Pictou County, 16:40

2 Monier Chediac, Beaverbank, 18:30

3 Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow, 18:44

4 Anthony MacDougall, Antigonish, 18:42

5 David Overmars, Antigonish, 19:15

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