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N.S. aiming to help volunteer groups struggling with insurance costs


HALIFAX - Volunteer groups struggling with the burden of insurance expenses could get some help from the Nova Scotia government starting this spring.
The province issued a tender Saturday for a broker to help with coverage for volunteer and not-for-profit groups.
Bruce Langille, the provincial risk manager in the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said volunteer organizations with limited budgets and those doing "one-off" events like a weekend festival can have trouble getting insurance coverage.
"The government needed to work with the insurance industry to ensure that volunteer groups would not be left behind," Langille said.
He said the province hopes to have the new program in place by April 1.
He said it won't mean the province would be covering premiums.
"If we did anything with the insurer, we would only be ensuring that the insurer is willing to accept the risk," Langille said.
Another important step is hiring a point person to help guide volunteer groups through the insurance process, including how to minimize risk, he said.
Langille said that person should also be in place by April 1.

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