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Survivor of boating accident back at home


NEW GLASGOW - One 25-year-old man is back in Pictou County, the lone survivor of a tragic boating accident which claimed the lives of three young men over the weekend.
Andrew Pitts managed to swim to shore on Fougere Lake, in Larry's River, Saturday after the fishing boat he was in began to take on water and then capsized.
Also in the boat were his brother, 27-year-old Simon Pitts Jr. and 25-year-old Clinton Jordan, of New Glasgow, originally from Brookfield. Yesterday RCMP identified 25-year-old Brookfield native Steve Smyth as the third drowning victim.
The Pitts family, when contacted, declined an interview for this story and requested privacy. Andrew and Simon Jr.'s brother, Shane, confirmed that Andrew had returned home. "He's with us - and surprisingly, for going through what he went through, he hasn't had to go to the hospital for hypothermia."
Andrew Pitts, after swimming to shore ran a kilometre to flag down a passing motorist, who was able to contact help.
And while the loss is tragic, Shane Pitts said, "We're happy and we're fortunate that my brother is alive."

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