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Sydney, N.S., cop harassed woman on Internet messaging forum, his trial is told


SYDNEY - A Cape Breton Regional Police officer asked a woman on an Internet messaging program to bare her breasts for him, then emailed her pornographic pictures of men, a trial was told Wednesday.
The testimony came during the second day of the trial of Jason Paul Doyle, 31, on two counts of criminal harassment.
Jody Murphy testified she was 19 in April 2006 when Doyle contacted her via the instant messaging program MSN. Within minutes of the conversation starting, Doyle started asking her to give him a show and what size her breasts were, she said.
Murphy said she thought it was a joke and tried numerous times to change the subject.
She said Doyle told her his wife was in bed and would never know.
When she replied that she loved her boyfriend, Murphy testified that Doyle said he too loved his wife but he is a man with needs.
Murphy told the court that Doyle told her not to tell her boyfriend and that he was only kidding. But she said the next morning she logged on to MSN and Doyle made similar comments to her again.
When she told him to stop or she would tell someone, she testified Doyle replied she had better not because he was a police officer.
"He's the authority, he's the law, so you're going up against something pretty big then," she said.
Jeff Columbus, Murphy's fiance and Doyle's brother-in-law, testified that when he saw her that night after the alleged incident she was crying uncontrollably and he tried to calm her.
He testified he read a few lines of the conversation before turning away because he found it too disturbing, saying while he didn't remember direct quotes, it was of a sexual nature.
Although she deleted him from MSN, Murphy testified Doyle requested that he add her as a contact four more times before she blocked him.
In the several weeks following the alleged incident, she said Doyle sent several emails to her. The first, she testified, contained four pornographic pictures of men. She deleted the ones she later received without opening them.
While Murphy testified, Doyle occasionally took notes and could be seen shaking his head.
The trial continues Thursday.

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