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NEW GLASGOW: Bitter blast of cold will be brief

Wednesday will be a day of transition: from the bitter wind chill to another pulse of warm air and rain by Thursday. The approaching system will cross the Great Lakes region then track north of the province. The warm front will move in late Wednesday; snow will fall ahead of the front then change to rain on the south side of the system. Snowfall totals will be fairly light: 2-5 cm with closer to 5 cm for northern regions; rainfall should be in the 30 to 40 mm range. We can expect a strong but mild south wind with the rain on Thursday; watch for gusts to 80 km/h. The trailing cold front is not due in until Friday - at that time, another wind shift will bring a drop in temperature for the weekend. There are two more systems on the radar right now. They’re expected to come together late Sunday and intensify as they push east of the region. Stay tuned…

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